Monday, July 27, 2009

5. Fashionist Series

Hello! Hello Shopbloggers!

We're back with more things for girls...
And for guys as well- let your girls own something from the store! Wink!


Available in Black & Pink
RM 43


Photo of Size B2 Bag

Photo of Size B1 Bag

Photo of Size A Bag

Available in Black & White
RM 43 (Size A)
RM 48 (Size B1 & B2)


Available in Black & White
RM 35


Available in Pink & Smokey Red
Comes with extra sling-string
RM 35

Quick do your order , or you'll miss the bloody-low-price that we are offered!!
Keep come to Wawa's Store cause we're updating for another collection!

Let your friends know yah!!


  1. Bole2. Tnggu la model ni tsenarai dalam post promosi akan dtg. buat masa ni, latihan basuh pinggan pon dorg fail lagi. Tgh gigih trained.